New Marble

Come as the "draw a blank" project. Some new grey and whity garments. 


You can find the marble - draw a blank pieces at The Optimistic Store at Berlin Mitte and at Coexist Berlin at F´hain. 
Coming soon as well at the onlineshop and depop store. 
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The Bronze Medal, for girls and boys. 


O N I G I R I -II-

Some more of the black and white based project. 
Perforated mixed composition fabric. 
All pieces are unisex, as usual :) 

Brooch by japanese brand OKYU. 

O N I G I R I pieces and some other are available at The Optimistic Store - Rochstrasse, 17. Berlin - Mitte. 


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Black and white. Developing---------------

Broche by OKYU (Accessories japanese brand) 

Broche by OKYU (Accessories japanese brand)