AWW! Almost 10 days since I do not update the blog... sorry! I got some news that you might have seen on facebook or instagram probably, will give you "extended info" here this week though. 

By now, some other nice thing I have been doing in Barcelona: I met this girl, photography student in Barcelona, and she proposed me to make a "fashion photoshoot" for school. Of course I said YES! 

These pictures are made by myself, during one of the sets at the school studio, and I will upload her final shoots these days, and will also try to know what mark she received for her work! 

Check out her blog and contact her if you are around Barcelona, she is very kind! 




In order to start to sadly say "goodbye Barcelona" or better "Bis später", I let you know here, more or less, whats on stock. If you like something, and you wanna get something for a better price, just head to the last markets I will attend at CCCB - Demanoenmano on February the 8th and 9th. 
Or, you can just email me (thebronzemedalapparel@gmail.com) and let me know what you are interested in. 

Photos by Lena Sonríe Sonrisas (Barcelona) 


Dyed Greeny

Loose dress / used as well as loose tshirt, not just with leggins, also with jeans or other kind of trousers. 

Specially dyed like this, this T-Dress is more unique than ever !  This fabric no longer exists, exceptionally on this garment. 

Tones of green with a touch of purple as you can see on the thrird pic sleeves. Material is a very rigid cotton, wich brings the structure. 

All pictures made by Lena Sonríe Sonrisas (Barcelona) 


S A L E S !


I am preparing a sale of 5 and up to 10 euros on selected items. If you want to see / know what those items are and maybe take one to your wardrobe, join these events for this weekend and next.

Valid while stocks last until all items selected for sale are sold. Thereby, it is possible that lengthens the markets next February.

For the Collection, you can visit the online shop

TWO MARKET ORIGINAL. Carrer Carders, 12. Principal. 
From 16:00 to 21:00 h. 

ON THE GARAGE. At Ovella Negra. Carrer Zamora, 78. 
Here The Bronze Medal will be on saturday the 18th. 
From 11:00 to 20:00 h. 


January 2014 Barcelona dates


Back to the streets and markets in Barcelona after the winter holidays pause ! By now, these are the upcoming dates/events and places, probably a couple more dates in february and then OFF TO BERLIN! Going back home in middle february, so if you wanna catch The Bronze Medal you better write down these dates, but if you already checked something that you like you can still email me to thebronzemedalapparel@gmail.com or check the onlineshop

Thinking about SALES


Jump into 2014

Took these pictures during the winter holidays with family and so on, just to illustrate my wishes for you all: to have no fear, believe in yourself, trust your intuition, follow your heart, but use your head too, and just jump into the new year like you did when you were kid and lost the panic of water and started to be adicted to swimming.

Give your best. Get your best.