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The Last Fragment

This fabric, already on a sweater, already on a dress too. Simply on the sense of, what could not be other way: the feeling of the floral prints, a bucolic feeling.

Fantasy. Dream. Romance. Illusion. Life. Hope. Affection. Imagine. Muse. Create. Spectre. 


Tshirts Test

Here, two basic fabrics of the black-bleck-blick-block-bluck project, splattered with metallic bronze paint, random, just to try. 

I have a new project on mind for the next spring and this was actually a kind of test (and so more other that I will probably show here sooner or later) and trial, to check if it was working or not as I wanted. Of course it did somehow, but still working on.

Anyway, these tshirts are for sale, and the first one was sold already. Second one still available. However, there are dozens of pieces made out pf these fabrics, which I hope I can upload to the website next month and, finally, bring it to life. And perhaps the online shop as well, but as far as all pieces disappear so fast I can not even to put them there. 



Start the day. All in camel and bluish. White light and steam. Winter mood. 

Perforated brown faux leather jumper with cuffs, neck and waist in light blue. Styled with blue sateen pijama trousers and fuzzy shoes. 

Brown sweater faux perforated leather, cuffs, neck and waist in blue.


Spring state of mind

Already working on a preview of spring-summer season, specially for Barcelona markets on the next two months, wich will be available in Berlin from february-march or via the online shop, depending on the stock.  




I repetat: do you remember this? And this? Ok now, just a bit of the same, but different.
Now on white combined with black neck, wrists and waist. 
 SOLD OUT. Preparing t-dresses now ! 



Grey is an intermediate color between black and white, a neutral or achromatic color, meaning literally a color without color.

Source: Wikipedia

 Grey and white cotton mixed with elastan, vegetal pattern + rigid metallic silver fabric. 
Draw a Blank project. 


Pink in the Jungle

Oh yess ! the tropical print is back! Well... it was back, because it is gone alerady too..if that is possible and understable. You have just seen this here before, on a dress version, and this print was used on a dark blue sweater (no pictures from that). 

Not much more to say today :( 


White Noise Blackboard


These pictures were ment to be used as campaing image / banner, but I love them so much that I cannot wait a week more to share them with you