Loyal Royal

Loyal because some people told me it looked like a reverend/priest/nun costume. 
Royal becasue of the rich materials. 

Black jacquard and sateen sewater with neck/cuffs/waist on white elastic cotton, by The Bronze Medal for the project Black-bleck-blick-block-bluck



Walking into The Light

Even we just had in mind make a simple and quick set, we found this awesome sunset light that made possible this result. I love when this happens... these photos remind me of a film frame. 

Out of any of my current projects, I found this light blue galactic fabric and I had to buy it and make something...I knew somebody would like it, and so it did, because it is already sold. Now actually I have some more left and already had a new idea for it, but will see how it grows.  

This moment also ilustrates a bit my situation today: I am going to the country side for some days, half for resting, half for working. Relax and regain strenght a bit, but still brain and hands ON, while refreshing ideas and put a few things clear:  no machines, just hands and some materials  and hand-tools I will bring with.

All pictures by Del Yelmo Photography, described as Urban Astronaut 


Trekkie Blue

A single picture today... no much time for updating properly, one million things in my head and on my hands, which seems to be my official excuse last weeks (and months). Well, is well worth it to say that this sweater is still available at the online shop, here, and so it's trekkie bro in yellow


White Noise Little Dress

Here we go again with that background, remember? yes you do. I am so busy sometimes that my choice is just a simple picture to document all my works, but I promise some interesting story (photoshoot) behind some new garments.

This special fabric was baptized with the name white noise. Why? maybe you don't know, as I didn't, that the white noise is a random signal with a flat (constant) power spectral density; a signal that contains equal power within any frequency band with a fixed widthThis means that the signal contains all frequencies and all show the same power. The same phenomenon occurs with white light, hence the name. White noise signal is not correlated, that is, in the time axis signal takes values ​​without any relation to each other. 

And so this happens on this fabric. 

As part of the black-bleck-blick-block-bluck project, I will show some other pieces I made out of this fabric, the white noise one on the front, and a shiny black silk also used on this sweater.  But now I have to say that this is the only piece left, the rest are sold out. If you're interested, do not hesitate GET IT!  I remember you all pieces are unique, unrepeatable, one of a kind, call it however you want. 


Tropical Silk

I know I said summer is gone, and so it is, but I had a crush on this fabric and needed to make a sinple dress out of it. Also, I take the chance to remak that, actually, last weekend was the last reminiscnece from summer, as some say, because the week started straight with rain, again. Talking now more about this silk dress, gotta say thar the greens are so intense that the contrast between the body and the black and white trees sleeves make it look even cooler. Made it last week, and it was sold in three days ! To do not miss your chance to get a piece that you fall in love with, have a look at the online shop, visit me at Mauerpark fleamarket on sundays if you are in Berlin (new Berliner markets on the horizon, will tell in the early future) or write me directly an email to the address that you can find at the website (still not launched).

P.S: Dress was sold to a very stylish guy, that looked awesome on it. Word. 


First necklaces

On plastic and steel. Using plastic sheets with different thiknesses, colors and cutting diverse shapes.  
These are the two first pieces, more coming soon and available at the online shop.  


Little Steel Dress

...and plastic sheet necklace, to present also a new project that departs from the transparency and the malleability on some types of plastic. I love those two characteristics, basicly. Some day I will post my top ten, or maybe just a top five, of materials, and it will deffo have a place on. 

As part of the black - bleck - blick - block - bluck project, I tried to re-interpretate the little black dress into this, so the mixture comes out as steel and plastic on a minimalistic and modern point of view. And this is too what I want to instill on the accesories I'm working on. 

Soon available at the online shop



Yeah, introducing last days some new warm items here, apparently now summer is officially gone, at least here in Berlin, where the rain replaced the sun. I just try to make some fun about that, no ofense ;) 

I used for this campaing's poster the top of a complete worn out blue cotton outfit, composed by straight long skirt and this sweater. Will show it soon. By now, have a look at the online shop and be fast if you like something because autumn/winter items are running out by themselves! 



As many or most or at leas some, let's say, ideas and posts here come by accident, or chance, so that happened here. While making photoshoot for some black, bleck, blick, block, bluck pieces, we used one pf those fake nose with glasses and nose, all in one, and we actually loved the shoot. And after, checking them all, i loved it even more. And so with that sweater it seemed to work perfectly, as you have many times heard me say "as it was ment to be". Straightaway, I thought about a bird, and started to look for birds images on google and found this beauty one, called turaco.

Following the wikipedia entry, the turacos are noted for peculiar and unique pigments. The turacos are brightly coloured birds, usually blue, green or purple. The green colour in turacos comes from turacoverdin, the only true green pigment in birds known to date. 
They are gregarious birds that do not migrate. Many species are noisy, their go-away-birds common name refers to being especially noted for their piercing alarm calls, which alert other fauna to the presence of predators or hunterscommon name refers to this

This black-bleck-blick-block-bluck sweater is already sold out, and it was an unique piece, but you can have a look at the other models here and maybe fall in love with another one, or directly checking whats for sale at the online shop.

Violet Turaco (source