black - bleck - blick - block - bluck

New autumn project based on black, mixed in some exceptions with colour details, paints ...

Black - bleck - blick - block - bluck is a project under The Bronze Medal Apparel and it is already available at the online shop


Paris in blue

Blue silk chiffon skirt is not available at the online shop, but you do can get the top

Sorry for not telling much more about this in particular, but being overload of work these days preparing all the new ideas, website, updating online shop soon and, finally, the Not Just a Label profile

Fingers crossed!


Pont de L'archeveche

You will remember these skirts from the meditrerranean nostalgia post and on a different color from the mexican look. 
While in Paris, when a friend saw these metallic-bright skirts she suggested me to make some pictures in one of those bridges across the Sena full of lovers lockers because of the similarity, and I think it was a magnificent idea ! The locks and the metallic shine of the skirts fabric just worked as being ment for that. Have to say that even I do not like this place, now it looks amazing! it took us a while to have two seconds without tourists making pictures and passing by there, but at the end it was all fast becasue we had to move fast! 

The Mesh Label Collection skirts are not available at the online shop, but the white jersey that goes with does still, here


Le Parisien

I like to use unusual fabrics and materials to make clothes. I specially love all kind of curtains fabrics. There is a stall in my Berlin's neighborgood market, where I usually look for different curtain types and I regulary find at least one or two interesting ones. I had a crush with this one here, also used for this blouse and this top. I got there too other one that I used to represent the summer here and to represent a modern amphibian/half siren, not fully sure about description. 

For this photoshoot we wanted to reflect a kind of easy going, relaxed, mood, that we achieved with the interior shooting and the late afternoon light. Barefoot we also wanted to make it more interesting and creative, adding some elements as music and paintings. 

Photoshoot took place at the artist Saymoon Art atelier in Le Marais, Paris. 

Electric blue bodysuit is second hand, and shorts are of course from The Mesh Label Collection, not available at the onlineshop by now. 

Painting is made by artist Saymoon Art 


Bus to 1492

Usig the same outfit than yesterday, still in Paris, we passed by this Liberty Statue stencil dressed as a native american and, instead of holding a table with the date of the declaration of independence in Roman numerals, a date: 1492, the year that Cristobal Colón and his ships arrived in what they called the new world and is known historically as The Discovery of America. For others, that was the begining of a colonization and exploitation. 

Well, political ideas on the side, I liked a lot the stencil, and there was not so much street arton this area, and and I thought it fit with the colors of the outfit, the light from that day, and the bus stop that we spotted before. 

Blue sheer satin top by The Mesh Label Collection and long cotton skirt by The Bronze Medal Apparel (sold out). 


La France

Blue. White. Red.

You remember I traveled to Paris, so I took some pieces there to show to my friend and other people there, and we were taking some pictures in the neighborhood. We found this beautyful red door and just by chance it came out as the France flag, such a coincidence!

Blue sheer satin top by The Mesh Label Collection and long cotton skirt by The Bronze Medal Apparel (sold out). 


Path in Silver and White

I like to show new fabrics, you know. I gave some clues before too, about the tones and the atmosphere I am working on, and these here are specially for The Mesh Label Collection new ideas. More metallic, more white, rigid silver and soft white is my bet for this. Non stop. Ideas getting stronger. 

More coming soon. Stay tuned and have an awesome weekend. 



Between the clouds, the crystal and the water. 

About to give birth to very special limited edition of vitreous pieces.  

p.s: looks like tulle, but it is not. 


Ball on Basket

I start to like making gifs...this is the second one, after this one
While making pictures, some kids were playing there during school break, and so this ball came to us and model just caught it with the basket we were using for photos, it was actually what we were doing so it absolutelly fitted with the situation and kids found that very funny too. 

You can see the complete serie of the dresses here, and soon coming on the website too, but not ready yet.  And remember that these pieces are not available in the online shop


The Basket and The Ball

This is the third basketball shirt inspired dress, in baby blue with camo green and elastic white ribbon belt. 
 I can also tell here that this one in particular, gives a little clue about what is coming now for early north Europe autumn, some new garments in blue, all kind and tones, mostly flat colors and soft fabrics, as cotton and wool. Easy wear, comfortable and offering wide combination possibilities. Looking forward to show you the new items, at the begining of september. 

For this photoshoot, we wanted to play basketball for real, and we were sure there was a basket place here, but no, there was just two football ones, so we had to pretend and, at the end, i think it came out a better way and idea of it. Plenty delight. 

These are pieces under the apparel section of The Bronze Medal and, as the rest, it is not available at the online shop by now, just Berlin direct purchase. 

All pictures made by Del Yelmo Photography 


The basket ball reviewed

As I said, there is a serie of basketball shirts inspired dresses to end the summer and as a pivotal item: loose light cotton pieces, also as long straight skirts that you will see soon too, and what will develope into other garments for next year, probably.  
There is a sporty trend all over streets and magazines, official sport articles, baseball and basketball are the most worn, and of course the sneakers, but what I propose is more simple and pure, no numbers, no names, no logos

This model here, is on grey cotton + elastane and elastic black an pink belt.
Under The Bronze Medal Apparel array. 

Not available at the online shop, just direct purchase in Berlin during last weeks of august. 

All pictures made by Del Yelmo Photography 


Basketball Shirt

I am a absolute fan of loose and big clothes, such as sweaters and men shirts that I use as dresses, and that is one of the reasons why I like warm weather: the fact of wearing long shirts and anything else, all day long, even to ride my bike. On the other hand, simple cuts are always a nice and safe bet and cotton looks and feels good on the skin, so that was the main reason to make a small serie/collection basketball shirts pattern dresses with elastic belts under The Bronze Medal Apparel, to combine simplicity with comfort without forgettting about the female body shape. 
So I made three colors, and today I wanna show you the dark green dress with the electric-blue and black belt. 
As it is having a warm welcome already in Berlin markets, it is not gonna be available at the onlineshop by now. 

All pictures by Del Yelmo Photography



Life is beautiful, sometimes more than others. After I do not know how many years without proper holidays, today I am heading to the yet-unknown-for-me Paris for some days and I feel overflowing. But even I say holidays, will bring some Bronze Medal's pieces there to see how they work with parisian look and ambient. Goota say that french costumers loved The Bronze Medal in Berlin, let see if they do as well in Paris. 

Will tell everyhitng about it when I am back. 



Black and white sunset

Yes, still working on next steps I rescue this pictures made this summer in Berlin Tempelhof airport, because I foresee these tones everywhere, even where there were supposed to be the oranges and the blues. 

Jersey is The Mesh Label Collection, seen here, here and here in the two different versions. It is actually amazing how versatil it is, as I realize I have used it almost as a key piece. Elephant leg trousers are from The Bronze Medal Apparel's next spring/summer proposal.