Having the blog is really cool because that allows me to explain and show large photoshoots from the clothes, but there is a need as well to have a static kind of thing, such as a website. So that is what I am working on right now. I am using  the same image I used for the blog coming soon, because I loved it! 
Besides this, I am working too on The Bronze Medal profile at the great desogners platform Not Just a Label, where I found loads of awesomeness. I have to revognize I felt a little overwhelmed because of that, but then I thought "f*ck off! why not? I am able to make The Bronze Medal as awesome as its name says". The truly bronzes are not afraid of not being the golden ones, they so not want to anyway.

So, yeah, I am pretty busy these days, but still saving some time for showing you some new pieces this week. STAY TUNED !


Roses to the Fir

As I said, here are the color pictures slected from the Roses to the Fir photoshoot. 
Just to remember that skirt an cape are designed and made by The Bronze Medal for The Mesh Label Collection. The grey chiffon skirt is already sold and the pale linen cape is not for selling at the moment, but you can still have a look at the online shop and see if something else fits with your style! And also that all pictures are made by Del Yelmo Photography, The Bronze Medal apparetly official photograper! 

It was funny, this weekend i met the gork who bought the skirt and she wore it last week twice! happy about her delight wearing it, and she also mentioned that some guy told her "I can see you". Yeah,"I can see you too" I said. That is the Mesh Label Collection philosophy. 


Roses to the Fir (The weirdos)

It seems like I keep with some kind of rituals this week, but no, I promise it was not meant to be like that.

For this photoshoot, we just wanted to simulate the like pulling teeth saying, to make something certainly difficult, so we used the title (begging) Roses to the Fir, as that is something imposible as far as we know. So actually there is no any trace of a ritual here, as a ritual means a set of rules for worship and religious ceremonies, and we wanted to say better to actually try it by yourself.

Today I wanna show you the weirdos that came out from the original photos, or those wich suppose to be the good ones, that I will post next week. 

Of course, skirt an cape are designed and made by The Bronze Medal for The Mesh Label Collection. The grey chiffon skirt is already sold and the pale linen cape is not for selling at the moment, but you can still have a look at the online shop and see if something else fits with your style!

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 
Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 
Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 
Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 
Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 
Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 



It is official now.

While photoshooting, we came out with the idea of stretching the clothes, then covering the face and so it was. Then seeing all pictures, this sentence came to mi mind. In the begining just as a title for the post. Then yesterday I was thinking about it, I tought it was too powerfull to just be forgotten here. As I know, the idea of the out of sight, out of mind, is maybe too philosophical, some will say, for a clothes design background, but I say no, it is not too much, is perfect, just depends on what you wanna tell, if is something sincere and deep, or sometimes somethign clever, you have to be sure it will be understood, and I think I just hit the nail on the head (at least for myself as a creator). So now, from now on, besides the other project I had in mind, I will have this other one that I hope will be out in middle september. Firgers crossed for the Out of sight, out od mind project.

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 



It is, in efect, very weird also for me to be posting this gif plus a song and the lyrics in a joy spirit, but f*ck it, just some fun!  Such fun as we had making the full shooting.

Marguerita Passion had to get her fix
She wasn't well, she was getting sick
Went to sell her soul, she wasn't high
Didn't know, thinks she could buy it
And she would run, run, run, run, run
Take a drag or two
Run, run, run, run, run
Gypsy Death and you
Tell you whatcha do
Seasick Sarah had a golden nose
Hobnail boots wrapped around her toes
When she turned blue, all the angels screamed
They didn't know, they couldn't make the scene
She had to run, run, run, run, run
Take a drag or two
Run, run, run, run, run....


Out of sight, out of mind

The idea that something is easily forgotten or dismissed as unimportant if it is not in our direct view.

Outfit by The Bronze Medal for The Mesh Label Collection. Two pieces withe woven cotton. Might remember the jersey from this, but this one here has tassels at the neck. Get it at the online shop. Stretch tube skirt available soon. Designed and made in Berlin.

Photos by Del Yelmo Photography.

Model: Out of Sight


Whatever comes next, comes in blue

Still not 100% sure about the next pieces coming out from The Bronze Medal Apparel and The Mesh Label Collection, buy by now I can tell there is gonna be a lot of blue! These are not gonna become into winter garments, rather in somethig that on the business they call Collection Crucero in the sense of between seasons. In this case, I would say it might be a new experiment, new attemps to get somewhere else, with colors. As usual, I did not think about it, i just follow impulses, get inspiration from textures, thikness and thinness, tact, light and darkness...anf from there, work on shapes. 

Cotton, wool, lurex, polyester, metal. All tones of blue. Flat and print. Not navy but yes swinging on a north-coast image, probably mixed with deep green in some cases. Will see. 

I loved the result from The Amphibian photoshoot, for example, all bluish. So probably that was already the precedent. How knows, I cannot tell. 


Wir sin die Roboter

Tribute to Kraftwerk 

Pioneers in electronic music. And when i say "electronic music" I mean proper electronic, 100%. Introducing inovative equipments, loving synths, using vocoders, and other things never used for music before. They probably made possible the elctronic music. And because they made a thing from the neon too. 

I need to mention too, that I am looking forward to see this 3D video-installation at the Sprue Thmagers Berlin to see what kind of crazy invention they made this time. I have seen some images already, and I would describe them absolutely their style. With all this re-vival of old times, all this kind of antique and old-fashioned images are now at the top of the hypes, but on their case, the Kraftwerk project just remain the same, it remains on how it started almost fourty years ago. 

Yeah, all this was an excuse to say that I wanna watch this video, plus I remembered I made this pulli-dress already some time ago, from an vintage short leave jumper, just adding metallic blue long-sleeves. And I have to recognize that it straight reminded me to Kraftwerk, and nothing else. 

Of course, there is no chance to avoid the event of this weekend: the Melt! Festival, place to be for electronic music lovers... not with Kraftwerk, but yes with all those already hyper-known-names. Any other thing you do this weekend,anywhere else you do it, please, ENJOY IT! 


Inspiration I

The  Mesh Label Collection is based in a few rules, let's say. The foundation is the material. The principles are: at its 75% pale colors as white, grey, or pale pink and the use of all kind of clear, translucent, lucid, crystallin, vitreous, thin, sheer fabrics or materials. The lines and patterns are simple. The Mesh Label Collection is proclaims minimal outfits. 
It was actually a lucky find, unexpected. I never thought about all this until I started to work on other stuff, and I found how meaningful this kind of materials are. 

So, all this just to show some interesting pieces from other designers. I already knew Paskal and Seiya Chen (thanks to Susie Bubble and her blog), but thanks to Not Just a Label (community that I am about to join soon) I recently met This is the Uniform, a UK based new brand, pretty interesting silk pieces that I appreciate. 

Sometimes I think that if I am trying to make a wearable clothing for women, transparent garments are maybe a bit too much, and that it is just possible on catwalks and so on, but no, is really pleasant to see how many other designer interpretate this and theis proposals to the real day-by-day apparel. Now i think is just a matter of time maybe, that we get use to this kind of clothes by introducing little by little some pieces and combinig with also other clothes underneath, for example, because it is not all about showing your body. 

I also have to say, that I did not get inspired by any of these designs and graphics, I just found them similar, so I chose them for this first post about inspiration. By now my only inspiration are the materials I find. By now I work on materials that I randomly find, not on planned desings. 

This is the Uniform 

Source: Not Just a Label


Source: Not Just a Label

Seiya Chen 

Source: Style Bubble

The Mesh Label Collection

This shorts are made by white net fabric (initially courtains fabric) and the graphics on the bottoms are pieces cutted out of potatoes mesh bag, material that brought the inspiration for the name of this clothing line.

P.s: I don't do cola, I do ice-coffee ;)


L'architecture de la Haute Couture

Watch promo video HERE

Standing these last days in the fascinating Barcelona, I attended the Festival of all Design (FadFest), that concentrates industrial design, graphic design and visual communication, architecture and interior design, fashion, art and crafts. FAD is a private, independent and non-profit association that has the objective of promoting design all of kinds.

Between all this different ways of expression, sometimes clever and sometimes funny, sometimes classic and sometimes laternative and new wave design, there was a section that I specially liked based on handicrafts-artisans items.

And the I found this magnificent plastic structured dress. Vaillo + Irigaray architects  presented this amazing dress called L'architecture de la Haute Couture. Being selected for Fadfest competition, this piece was awarded with other design prices in 2013.  Unavoidably i had to think about corsets, and it remind me as well the ballet dresses, the ballerinas outfit, and also somehow a suit of armor. All in one. I am not sure about what they were actually thinking or what do they exactly want to explain, besides the construction of a dress as they normaly make buildings or installations models, but for me, maybe because my critic eyes, I directly saw the ficticiuous in the plastic and the estrict standards in the hardness of its lines, of the world of fashion; probably not all of it, but let's say most of it or the eighty percent of it.

I leave the argue here, just letting you analyse and think what do you see here.

L'architecture de la Haute Couture by Vaillo + Irigaray
L'architecture de la Haute Couture by Vaillo + Irigaray
L'architecture de la Haute Couture by Vaillo + Irigaray

P.S: of course, there is a fashion section in FAD (Modafad), and today actually is the fashion awards event.


Palm Beach

Festival mood

I apologize because I did not updated the blog in the last five days, but I was busy preparing new pieces, and creating a very special dress that you will hopefully see really soon. 

So, following the summer vibes that mostly all of us have, and the festival atmosphere all around us, my proposal this time is a shiny-gold-cotton outfit, perfect for this summer, looking awesome combined with rubber boots for facing the common mud grounds at festivals, or just to protect the feet. This two-pieces outfits consist of a baggy-loose top and a adaptable culotte, that makes it absolutelly fresh and comfortable to freely dance in every dance floor, while sunbath. 

Photography by David Gómez

Photography by David Gómez

Photography by David Gómez

This outfit has a discount because of summer sales, included in our
 WILD SALES! Not available in the online shop, just available for direct sale at berliner markets. 


Make up and Dinosaurs

Today, just two bathroom moments in one: play with toys while taking a bath and the make up crazyness that invades many dressing tables and shelds, spreading the crazynesss out. But, in this case, all fake: no water, no real make up, just some plastic dinosaurs.

If you like this red top, it is available at the online shop, here. And also you have the sleeveless version of it if you like it better! Long black cotton skirt is also from The Bronze Medal, but it is already sold out.

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 

This garment has a discount because of summer sales, included in our WILD SALES! Visit the online shop and check them all out!