Intercom Telephone

We had the possibility to make a photoshoot at a really old friends house, and we found really sprecial to make a vintage style, set on the 70s.  

I chose this white outfit because I think it is more than suited to the wallpaper-door-intercome corner we chose,  and how the pictures were gonna be taken.

I think it all came together synergistically in a spectacular way, almost natural. Going to be, in principle, almost anything improvised, to be a perfectly designed bearing.

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 
 You maybe find this two-pieces outfit familiar, and you are right, it is the white version of this. And, as you see too, i combined this jersey with a long dress yesterday, on this post.

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 
 And so, as well, now you can have it HERE ! It is a piece that people is interested on quite a lot, but some of them find it a bit expensive, and I just say: anyone else is gonna wear the same as you. I was checking the prices on the "megacorporation" brands, those who make uniforms for us, so that we look exactly the same, and so we can feel we belong to soemthing, or whatever, and those prices are exactly same, and with some pieces higher. I say "look, i am my own boss, I dont want to be the worst boss in the world and exploit myself and pay myself ridiculous amount of money for my work.

It is our decission, but we should think about all this a litte longer, from time to time. At the end, a person who questions my job, is not the customer I want, because he/she can not appreciate things.

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 


Morning Afternoon

Following with the lazy idea, but not in a really sense of being just laying somewhere, I was thinking about those sundays when you wake up in a natural way, you stretch in bed, get up, maybe shower or just refresh your face, put a comfortable loose skirt on, and your favourite jersey, walk the corridor till the kitchen, and prepare yourself the best brunch ever (when there was no body else to do it for you), and maybe prepare a sweet snack for later ... I was thinking about those sundays, basically, because I just miss them, and because those sundays in my life just happen in winter. 

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 
Long skirt, semi transparent, with floral pattern in red, black, white, blue and green. Easy to combine with almost any color. Material is viscose and metal, which shines with movement subtly.

Jersey is white cotton, woven so as to have very small forming diamonds. Also a bit translucent.

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography

Below, skirt and jersey detail. Where you can see the elastic at the waist (skirt has one too, but in black).

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography

There is still the possibility to buy thE top piece in my online shop.  You can get the jersey, as a total look with its culotte, or separated. Skirt will be available online soon.


The Lazy

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 
I did it. I stood in bed longer than expected. Alarm supposed to ring at 8:30am, I might had just turn it off and keep on with my dreams. I guess my body was like "ok, yeah, f*uck you, i need to rest properly" after the last hardcore days, full of stress, work, activity and with no much time for relaxing. But it is over now, gotta get into work hard, for the whole weekend, nonstop.

For those lucky ones who can have a proper rest, and stay longer in bed, please, ENJOY IT!
Summer is here already, isn't it?

Now listetning....

White net Tshirt with dyed jean pocket, by The Mesh Label Collection for The Bronze Medal. Get it HERE !


The Summer Vibe

Summer is for the sun, the bike, the picnics, the holidays, the mountain, the campings, take pictures, get naked, sweating, hair up, swiming, eat watermelon, fanning, naps after lunch, the festivals, be with friends, be in love. Summer is for the white color and the minimalism on your outfits.

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 

What are your plans for summer? My summer looks busy. Looks like working a lot on different projects with/for totally different people, which I love, and I do not see proper holidays in the horizon. I do see some trips, but a half  pleasure, half working.

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 

This dress is simple white net fabric, babydoll style, tied with a thin plastic tube belt. Ideal to combine with shorts or leggins as a blouse, tight dress underneath, a tanktop, or just how it is! Great for the beach or the lake. Fresh and comfortable. And if you love  it, you can have it at my online shop.  


Let's Dance !

Here you have an excluisve selection of pictures from last week's photoshooting. I have not uploaded this product to the store yet, but I cannot wait to show you how much I'm loving it.

It is a two-pieces outfit: culotte plus jersey. Go back to the 70s on the dancefloor!
Black tassels all around the neck, black-and-transparent stripes elastic on sleeves, waists and legs. Made by The Bronze Medal, for The Mesh Label Collection.

Seeing the result, after all the work, makes it worth it and gives me energy to get ready for a new one tomorrow. I'll keep you up to date with a couple of pictures on twitter. Stay tunned! 

All pictures by Del Yelmo Photography 


Leaves between Leaves

In case you were curious about the coming soon picture dress, here you can see all its details.

Really great photoshooting that afternoon with two good friends, enjoying the perfect light for the style we wanted to show.

And YES! it is still available HERE

Photography by David Gómez for The Mesh Label Collection

Photography by David Gómez for The Mesh Label Collection

Photography by David Gómez for The Mesh Label Collection

Photography by del Yelmo Photography  for The Mesh Label Photography


Start my modest Way

No more "coming soon", now here comes the first post! 

When you start with the plan of developing a clothing line, you have loads of ideas about what you wanna make and what you do not wanna make; what kind of materials and patters you are going to put together. 

When you start with the plan of developing your own business, everything is a mess, you need to create your organization system and you do not know where to start. Besides the communication and promotion or the selling attempt, first of all comes the image you want to show. And so this is mainly the reason why the first post of yuor blog is kinda complicated.

At least, this is the way I see all this right now. 

Having no idea about the formal or popular or common or most normal way to star here with this, I will just start my modest way. And for that,
 I have to explain why I chose The Bronze Medal as a brand name. 

As Wikipedia explains, bronze is an alloy consisting primarily copper, usually with tin as the main additive.
The introduction of bronze was significant, constituting the most innovative alloy in technological history of mankind.

Bronze has been used in the manufacture of medals, and now the bronze medal is known for being awarded to the third-runner up in sporting competitions and other events. And is really interesting to find out that, the usage was in part attributed to the choices of gold, silver, and bronze, to represent the three Ages of Man in Greek Mythology: The Golden Age, when men lived among the gods; The Silver Age, where youth lasted a hundred years as children without growing up, then suddelnly aged and died; and the Bronze age, the era of heroes. Modern historians categorize the Golden Age and Silver Age as mythical, but consider the Bronze Age and Iron Age historically valid. 

So the idea of the bronze as the third price is an interesting meaning in contrast of its historical meaning. I think that idea is pretty much what The Bronze Medal wants to develop, because The Bronze Medal is not an ambitious brand in the sense of reaching as much public as possible, not following established trends but the style lines, and that is reflected in the designs. 

The Bronze Medal dicides by now in two, The Bronze Medal Apparel and The Mesh Label Collection. And in none of them are forced movements, uncolntrolled ambitions, there are just ideas still developing every day, seeing the progression in every piece. 

As the Age of Bronze, the age of heroes, no gods, just powerful humans, The Bronze Medal looks for bringing this power from your the inside to your outside. I hope it can reach that goal.