Just to wish you all the nicest end of the 2013 and the nicest begining of the 2014. 
Give your best and rock it !

She is wearing "Black, bleck, blick, block, bluck" project tshirt-dress, which you can get HERE or email me, if you prefer, at thebronzemedalapparel@gmail.com. 



Aaaaall right... still some little things left to do on here but, you know... F*CK IT! From now on, The Bronze Medal website is ON. And I will just notice any update and so on. 

P.s. it basicly looks more like a portfolio kind of thing or like a moodboard itself. Aesthetic more than product. Concept. I like that. That is what I meant.


Crystal preview

These are recycled pieces of glass from old lamps become necklaces. As unique and old pieces, there is gonna be a very limited edition. Some will be available at the onlineshop very soon and probably at the Fabulous Market in Barcelona on december the 21st, as a preview of next spring project. 
More info and pics in a while. 



You have seen these fabrics before, HERE ! Is one of those upholstery fabrics that I love so much. There you can see better a fabric detail, because in these pictures here maybe is not so clear how awesome it looks. 


Some new textures

On the meanwhile....more tips-off. 
Here, two very special embossed fabrics. Both, part of the Black-bleck-blick-block-bluck project. 
Stay tuned for website launch ! ! ! 



Yes, that's right ! Online shop is updated with some new garments, but many many more to come! By now some stuff is just available at the markets / future shops BUT! you know that you can email me directly to thebronzemedalapparel@gmail.com if you see something here on the blog or you have seen something with The Bronze Medal signaturte somewhere else, and you wanna know if it is available or just ask for something about the product, or anything you want ! I will reply you as soon as I see the email :) 

Once more, thanks for supporting, thanks for wearing. 


No genre

I have said before, probably many times before, that even I do have clear ideas of what I want from the early begining, what I enjoy more and celebrate better is when things come out in a different way that, somehow, complete the original conception. 
That is what have been happening with the T-dresses. Originally conceived as a female dress, slowly have become a large tshirts for taller girls or regular tshirts for men. 
I personaly wear men clothes, or men-styled items, such as big shirts, suit trousers and deck shoes, so I can say I do not see a genre on any garment. But anyhow, now, sinze some months now, with some experiences in between, I can define The Bronze Medal as a 90% unisex brand. 

So here today I show you a couple more of those Tshirt/dresses, these from the White Noise project, hoping to finish aaaaall the website details to show you properly everything before the end of the year. 



Those who follow The Bronze Medal on facebook already know that I am in Barcelona a couple of months to present and try to sell and promote the brand here. By now I can not complain because, besides the sales, which have been great, people is having very nice words and compliments, so pretty much glad for that ! 

Also, I updated the website with this image, you know, just because I still have not finished with that and it has to move somehow. 

That is all by now but I percieve you will have more new very very soon: Watch out ! 

P.S: Still looking for more markets and shops to show/sell on the area. 



The Bronze Medal is working very hard preparing many new things that you will enjoy very soon. 

On the meanwhile, visit Twitter and Facebook to be updated day by day. 

Thanks for the consideration. 


The Last Fragment

This fabric, already on a sweater, already on a dress too. Simply on the sense of, what could not be other way: the feeling of the floral prints, a bucolic feeling.

Fantasy. Dream. Romance. Illusion. Life. Hope. Affection. Imagine. Muse. Create. Spectre. 


Tshirts Test

Here, two basic fabrics of the black-bleck-blick-block-bluck project, splattered with metallic bronze paint, random, just to try. 

I have a new project on mind for the next spring and this was actually a kind of test (and so more other that I will probably show here sooner or later) and trial, to check if it was working or not as I wanted. Of course it did somehow, but still working on.

Anyway, these tshirts are for sale, and the first one was sold already. Second one still available. However, there are dozens of pieces made out pf these fabrics, which I hope I can upload to the website next month and, finally, bring it to life. And perhaps the online shop as well, but as far as all pieces disappear so fast I can not even to put them there.